Date 05 Oct, 2019
Project Type Bobbers


Builder: Zeus Custom
Base bike: Honda monkey 125
Style: Bobber

The most hilarious with the Bobber Honda Monkey style, which is genetically engineered by Zeus Custom under the Jaak project! (The Jak!) Just the name of the project, the adrenaline rush is ready to spread.

This project belongs to Bow Interior design who wants to get a dream car to ride, chill, work nearby, drink coffee, but it must be cool too. He came to consult before buying a custom car for us the next day. The first thing that Mr. Bow asked Zeus Custom’s piglet, the head of Zeus Custom. Do you think it can be done in a Bobber style? Bow would like to stir. We are like hey !!! It’ll definitely be fun, haha.

At the beginning, we had a rough skating that the style had to come out as a bobber. Wherever the character of this style came out, use it as much as possible. Regardless of the limitations of the original car itself, it is already a small size. We have to design the sitting position to match the shape to make the car come out as beautiful as possible.

Let’s see what we have created and modified.

– Starting from the U-style handlebar, easy to control

– Biltwell Torker Black 7/8 handlebars, black, soft, comfortable.

– Move the key behind the mane to adjust the open space so that the headlight can be stuffed into the shock absorber cylinder to increase the fit for the front looks more tight. The water light has been changed to a 5-inch LED. The design is unique. To match with Bobber

– Gloss black body color trim set, Text Honda #Monkey white

– Create an anchor point to raise the front of the fuel tank to a higher level with the base of the original main frame To make the front of the car look tall, sloping to the back, causing the front to start looking like a bobber straight up

– Create a new rear frame as a single cushion

– Full black leather corduroy stitching With signature of the Zeus Custom office, gray embroidery thread

– The rear shock has been modified to a height of only 190mm to get with the frame that is graduated perfectly.

– Short black rear fender Open the tire show. The distance and position are arranged perfectly.

– The back light is used as a chrome circle attached to the side. With plates attached to the plate

– Create a double cradle frame in the front of the engine cover to hold the foot indentation to get the driving style in a complete Bobber style.

– Create a hidden battery box attached to the front frame that we created. Helps reduce the gap between frames Along with adding more firmness to the car

– Install bare stainless steel filter in place of the original filter

– Stainless steel pipe with single curved lines With a compressed glass mesh, sound absorbing glass to provide bass More aggressive Black anodized aluminum end With heat protection card The design is unique.

– Led cat eye turn signal light around the car

– Powder coating for front and back wheels Set the top-bottom mane, doll, handlebars and other parts in black. To make the car look more handsome and darker

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