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The art of Motorcycles

If you are talking about the bakery of the Big Racetrack Café Racer, the owner of Thailand is now. Must be given to the publishing house called ZEUS (Zeus), the gods bring the charm of the 60s to come back on the road again in Thailand.


The origin of ZEUS starts with two young men named. Shredded – Worawit Rungjana Tanukul (Former graphic designer) and Nut – Vudanan Pakawet (former banker), although they have not been friends before. But with love to ride a motorcycle Raccoon and like to dress the car. Make both of them hug each other like a close friend. And when their car styling eyes their friends. Many people on the Facebook page. I started to bring a car to look.

After spending the midday in running for spare parts and transforming them into customers in the evening after the month. Shredded, he began to feel that he loved to spend more time with his car. And there should be a storefront for customers to meet and talk to choose the spare parts that they prefer to meet at the gas station. He decided to quit his job and wake up the ZEUS brand with full money for only ten thousand. And after a year and a half, ZEUS has expanded its shop to full-scale shopping at Prasert-Manuksit Road Soi 39 and has another storefront in Pfeffer. The ZEUS Custom, the nut that grows together, departs to open another branch in Khon Kaen.

“Fine work is the main way to keep our customers happy,” said the shredder to us.

Fall in love with Café Racer

The origin of the name ZEUS, the shreds said that starting from his experience with the car Raccoon Café many years ago. The motorbike that I used to dress up was the Stallions Centaur (a Greek mythic man with a half-upper half and a half horse), so he reminded himself of the names of Greek gods. And finally, it stumbles on ZEUS, which has a short and simple name in terms of design, using the ‘Lightning’ as the symbolic medium.

The reason why he falls in love with Café Racer is that the decoration of this car will focus on the beauty of the equipment and the line of the car rounded into the typical 60s style, which is considered deep. It will be seen that it proved through time in terms of the beauty of the art is completed. Plus, this genre has a culture that allows us to experience a variety of dimensions. Both in the music. Costumes, hairstyles, or even other design jobs. Back in the day.
So it is not surprising that now the flow of Café Racer will soar so much that many of the camps have to open this line of production vehicles to the market for many generations. And with love plus attention, there are customers to use the service ZEUS publishers at no less than 30 cars, both Thai and foreigners.


The ZEUS Decoration Guidelines are divided into two main areas: Project and Spot Change.
Project is a full set of vehicles. Which customers have to do their homework in the first place that they want. Then we will select five models close to the owner to choose the most preferred model to be the main development, the main will be changing equipment from 30 or more (except the engine) and Make an appraisal with a queue. On the day of appointment, the owner will bring the car with a deposit of 50%, which is fully furnished. 38,000-95,000 depending on the model and the spare parts you want.

Replacement parts at that point. If you change only 10-20 customers can park the car waiting to change it. It takes 4-5 hours by decorating the two cases. ZEUS warranty parts for all.

Customers & Partners

Shrimp says that he will focus on customer feelings as the top priority, as well as the quality of the work.
“I would worry about the customer as if he would like our job. How to stay with us? So we will make him feel like coming to a friend rather than come to the shop. Let’s hang out together no matter what brand you ride. I am very happy when customers come to know each other at our shop.

“What needs to be prepared for the customer, I think it’s a matter of opening the mind. People riding big brands Will feel that his brand is valuable. Some people may despise the craftsman. By knowing that he used some of the pieces of the Thai people. What else do not have to prepare much? Ride to talk to us first. ”

The attention to the work of ZEUS makes him a good partner. Many camps come together to work together. Whether it is a Vee Rubber tire that has been incorporated into the classic tire production to be the brand of ZEUS itself, and if anyone wants to see the design tips for the British world-class car brand Royal Enfield. Continental GT, which recently launched in our home, did not last long. Wait a little longer. Because the hog has just signed a formal contract to drown.

It is one of the editorial office of a new generation with a track record is not less. And if anyone still looking like. Can not recommend that you try to visit Facebook as ZEUS Custom or if it is nearby. Try visiting their office every night from midnight to midnight.




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