Date 25 Nov, 2019
Base Bike Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin
Project Type Scramblers

The Moose by Zeus Custom custom builds up from the base of the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 in the Café Racer style, but Zeus Custom needs a whole new build to tear it down from its original look. But still giving a feeling of Royal Enfield. Zeus Custom wants this bike to be unique. Therefore chose to design this bike to be a flat-track style, which was designed to race on flat dirt roads, but Zeus wanted to make it come out both able to ride both on and off-road. And most importantly, it must be a bike that can park the show We, therefore emphasize the handcrafted style of Zeus by designing the frame of the bike to have curved lines that correspond to the exhaust pipe that is draped underneath the one-cylinder 2-cylinder engine room. Extra detail for a vintage look with brass pipe ends. The rear of the bike is entirely rebuilt, absorbed with a single shock absorber. Cut off the core with 1-inch front suspension spring to give the bike lines a flat track style. The cache, the headline of the body and the seat cover give this bike a unique identity. Chocolate color leather upholstery, hand sewn detailing The logo is engraved with the signature of the Zeus Custom office. The LED rear lights are customizable under the seat with a cool metal tube frame that fits perfectly with the rear cover. Enhance the casting ready to go through both smooth and dust with Dunlop tires, bare, dark brown spittoon filter, fully open to the air, adding to the bike’s appearance with acceleration. A set of minimal switches to give the bike an elegant look with a classic black handlebar. The turn signal light is installed at the end of the silver handlebar. The body comes in elegant colors, pearl white, trimmed with dark gray. Looking from the front, the handlebar of this bike looks like a moose deer that is elegant. And with a mask designed to look sharp, dimensional, allowing this bike to have a sedate intensity similar to the characteristics of a moose as well. Therefore being the origin of the coolest project, “Moose”
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Tel: +66 86 959 666 9

The design emphasizes Zeus Custom’s handcraft and Royal Enfield’s aura.

Meticulousness in detail From the rounded lines of the bike that Zeus designed, the Moose Project is more sleek, modern.

The balance of the body to be smooth parallel to the slope of the cushion to the rear. Giving the driving feeling like being on the Dirt Track

Found dust, stone, whatever it is With Dunlop’s smooth semi-off-road tires

The shock-absorbing cash bar tank designed with Moose makes the bike look even darker.

Silver aluminum gas cap lid Ready to move and hold on the side Cool with the Royal Enfield logo.

The curved mask adds another layer, tearing apart the square mash design that is often found on the field. With dimmable light gimmicks hidden inside Making the Moose at night, this bike has a charm that is attractive to look stylish and unique.

Brown air spittoon filter Looks very dark, magical.

Chocolate color leather seats perfectly match with the pearl white finish and the corrugated trim. Embroidered with black thread logo Exclusive to Zeus Custom’s unique design.

Grips, turn signal light end bar and clutch levers divisibly

One-way curved stainless steel tube exhaust, finished with brass ends, the unique design of Zeus Custom.

Rear Shock YSS, single custom spring with the color of the body is pearl white.

Classic handlebar with clip-on style Unique And look at the class with the moose horns according to the concept

front shock absorber has been cut by cutting off the springs and axes by 1 inch to make the front of the car look tight, slope, height from front to back perfectly. With anodized color, vintage gold color

The LED rear lights have been hidden and stored in another layer of steel pipes. Providing true uniqueness

This type of tire can ride both smooth and dust comfortably.

Powder coat, engine lid, wheel hub, black spokes.

Zeus Custom sign.

Custom original swing arm Looks more advanced

Single shock mounting point under the continuous frame from the oil tank

ZEUS CUSTOM sewing logo.

Viewed from the front like a moose.

Start the engine The hidden dimmer popped up to say hello like this.

Seat Cowl with shockproof crash bars Cut the two-colored Continental GT paint to maintain the car’s model name. Giving a sleek, stylish look

The gold chain 530 gold pin was held to the Moose. This bike made it even more aggressive.

On / Off switch with light button Smooth the eyes with the most hands

The end that feels like a Racebike

The bent frame fits the driver’s body perfectly.

When the silver pipe meets the brass tip It’s vintage.

The color of the front mask and the body color Get together perfectly

The color of the leather resembles a coffee bean.




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